Each year modern homeowners look forward to the latest deign trends and you will not de disappointed with the trends for 2016 and 2017 either. One of the top trends that comes your way is the use and incorporating of two-toned kitchen cabinets. For example, you should keep your upper cabinets neutral or white for its timeless, clean feel and then go crazy with the rest. The lower cabinets should be playing around in deep colors and various wood tones that take our kitchen design into two style directions.

Colored stainless steel appliances are also a big thing for the future and here to stay for a long time, one of the most prominent is black stainless steel, however do not be surprised by the gleaming blues, reds, greens, sunset bronze and purples you will find in stores and online. Another trend you will find in sophisticated and luxury home is using outdoor fabrics, indoors. Unlike years ago where you could clearly distinguish between outdoor and indoor fabrics, it is difficult to tell it apart in modern day design. The use of outdoor materials especially in high traffic areas like living rooms and dining rooms can be used to perfection. Something else that is great is the trend to use extra-large format tiles.

A large format tile of sizes of 12 x 24 inches have been making an appearance in luxury bathrooms and kitchens for a long period and nothing new. However, the latest trend is extra, extra huge with sizes of minimum 32 x 72 inches, which are placed anywhere in your home and in particular used around fireplaces in luxury living areas. When you see an actual tie and make the measurement you will find that a single tile size is close to three by six feet and the largest we have seen used thus far.