Marble is one of the most unique and beautiful natural stone and each one different depending on how it was formed and where it was found. Even though it has been around for millions of years before discovered by man it has always been loved. Designers, architects and artists as well as homeowners looking for a luxurious touch to their home design love its luxurious colors, special luster, and strains. Even though many countries quarry marble it is more closely identifiable with Italy as this is a country where marble formations is found throughout the country.

The most popular and extracted in the Apuan Alps in north central Italy is white Carrara, Bardiglio, and Calacatta. Throughout the country however will you find other types like Custonaci from Sicily, Pietra di Trani from Apulia, Portoro from Liguria and Red Verona coming from Veneto. The reason why designers and architects love it immense include the long life quality and its ability to express texture, color and shape creatively and with immense sophistication. You will hardly ever walk into a luxury home and not find marble throughout or somewhere in that home.

Marble is filled with charm and a true and authentic expression of nature, everlasting, and remaining unaffected by the evolving styles and fashions. Italian marble demand is incredibly high throughout the world with export value of late exceeding a minimum of $3.5 billion in 2015. This was exported in its semi finished, finished and raw state too. Polishing marble is only one of the many ways that it is finished depending on choice. Over the last several years have, designers experimented with new ways to shape this precious and beautiful stone with Marble continuously remaining popular and offering incredible exploratory possibilities. Presently it is used across a huge variety of design with kitchen counters, living room furniture, tables, bathtubs, showers, and precedence that is more taking.