If you have thought that formal dining rooms are something from the past you will love to hear that in luxury design formal dining rooms are making a serious comeback too. While in the past most people took the leap in turning the traditional dining room into a media room or office space the trend of formal dining room is back in a luxury home. More attention is pouring to dining rooms especially homeowners why entertain frequently ans a designated space for parties and special meals are non-negotiable. The same goes for heated entryway floors. In the past you only found heated floors in bathrooms, however if you want to hold true to luxury you have to extend heated flooring to entryways too in helping to dry boots and melt snow.

If you thought that high tech is in when looking at a luxurious lounge or living room with the latest TV screens and sound systems you are wrong. Living room trends that are bold in design without tech is the way to go. Even though screen time remains popular especially for families with children more homeowners tend to calm respite, where they can sit quietly, either chat with friends or read a book in peace and quiet. The rise of the luxury living room devoid of all this tech and digital is something to embrace.

Still with living rooms, you find that the trend for living rooms is to remain minimalistic and overboard is out the door. However when is decor enough and when it is overboard though, luxury home designers now pay close attention to scale, function and light and more in order to strike the perfect balance and tend to opt for minimalistic style. Sunrooms is a must have when you have a dream of owning a luxury home and a top dream space even for those homeowners that does not have the luxury of a un room, find a way to carve out that special sun-drenched corner somewhere in their homes even if it is built-into or in front of a large window.