architecture-design-1082247_640When you think about a modern and luxury color predominantly used in recent years, you will find most homes opt for Gray. That being said what about the other colors who used to be the “it” color in modern décor and color schemes. Beige, which used to be incredibly popular across board, has remained in the shadow lately, however the time is ripe for change to the easy-on-the-eye color we used to love.

It has been several years that gray has been the first option and many elegant and luxury home interiors succumbed to the versatility and cool elegance that the gray spectrum offers. Since the 90’s beige as neutral color was replaced by gray however luxury home designers are opting for the fresh-faced appeal that beige offers. Many homeowners have previously described beige as drab, boring, and disowned as last century and old fashioned even those who loved it back then.
Even so it works the same with gray when it is misused as gray also has the ability to take away the spark of a room just as beige has been labeled as. Those who wants to give beige a chance again would find it refreshingly casual or formal, mellow and rich, flattering, sophisticates and soothing and the perfect launch pad for bold décor colors and choices. One accusation that could be thrown at gray is on of cold and clinical, something that you could never say of beige.

It is a color that is open to interpretation and could be called light brown with wide parameters and a champion chameleon. Other would refer to it as earthy mid tone, and off-white and even sandy earth or creamy warm. Beige comes with aliases like eggshell, ivory, dune, straw, string, sand, flax, camel, almond, vanilla, biscuit, buttermilk to name a few. Using the subtle nuances in a modern home today opens a new world.