Something many people especially loft owners face is the lack of a gorgeous garden. This however does not have to deter any homeowner, more homeowners has a problem with space and as one architect showed when he designed and developed a micro courtyard for online casino comparison website, Casinouzmani. The CEO of the organization wanted a garden or rather plants added to the company loft in order to create a connection to the outdoors. The result was stunning and outstanding.

Taking the loft that required modest renovations before they could move in the architect faced an unfinished studio, which he transformed into a desirable loft that belongs on magazines.

This gave us the idea of letting out into the idea of incorporating luxurious greenery to your home to. Everybody knows that outdoor spaces are hard to come by when living in cities, but incorporating an outdoor space indoors is the top end of luxury home design. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity with endless opportunities, what was done to this loft in particular was a punched hole in the ceiling in creating a suspended glass encased garden, and then it hangs like a magical green and cored oasis in the midst of the loft.

The advantage loft owners has when they occupy top floors is that they have rights to the roof and if you do not have it, we urge you to speak to the building owner. Add to that a mix of custom and vintage pieces and handmade table, coffee tables and lush sofas you have a luxury apartment or loft that surpasses all others. Add to that perfect lighting inside both the suspended garden as well as grand chandeliers you have the perfect opportunity to embrace luxury and gardens in one go.